Roots and seeds

Photo by Saltatempo, CC license

Hi, there!

Andean Man. Photo by Cacophony, cc license

Here is just a little welcome from me. Let me share an insight of the origins of my love story with ornaments. I was a holder of degree in economics and an office worker when I saw a tv programme about Peru. The colours and the patterns on the clothes of Andean people, the beauty of Peruvian nature put the seeds of yearning in my mind and soul. I wanted to know why their cloth colours are so vivid and bright, and what was the reason of them putting this pattern on their textiles. The desire to dive under the surface, to discover the origins of everything was probably born with me. So the seeds of exploration suddenly started to grow and I found myself searching for traditional costumes of people from around the world and asking the same questions - why those colours and patterns?

The encounter with this new world brought another thought in my mind (seeds grow!): I wanted to have a job that will let me explore the variety of human cultures from around the world and travel. What this job could be like? My interest in colours-patterns alliance revealed an obvious decision - I wanted to be an artist. Seeds grow, and an education time comes. My time in The Princes School of Traditional Arts in London was a life changing experience in terms of art and inter human connections.

Now I understand that my actual calling from the very beginning was an urge for beauty. By drawing my patterns I try to uncover the mystery of absolute beauty and to connect with my roots. Actually, those roots are not exactly mine, they are common for all human beings on our planet, they are the Universal laws that manifest themselves in nature and in such human activities as mathematics, music and arts.

So now I follow a very beautiful road full of exploration, creation, connection and love. Welcome to my world and stay tuned for the news!

Yours sincerely,

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